About The Airport

The Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority (MKAA) is charged with meeting the aviation needs of East Tennessee.  As part of that mission, MKAA is working with community partners towards the successful development of a general aviation airport located in Oak Ridge, TN.

Through careful planning and study and with the valued support of Department of Energy (DOE), a site has been selected in the Heritage Center Industrial Park located along the Oak Ridge Turnpike.  The proposed facility will assist in the revitalization of the industrial park and will prove to be an economic generator bringing jobs and visitors from around the country to the region.

The photographs listed under ” Maps”  show the proposed location and a tentative layout of how the airport would reside on the property.  As with any project, the design may alter slightly.  However, careful consideration went into the development of the airport layout and its design was developed with awareness of the historic preservation efforts ongoing in this area.

This website will provide updates on the project’s timeline and offer you access to maps, studies and other important documents pertaining to this project as they become available.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at OakRidgeAirport@tys.org.